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NEWS / ARTICLESGrove Properties and Body20 collaboration

We are very excited to launch our partnership with Body20 Durbanville, Plattekloof, and Stellenbosch. Jacques and Maritha Grove are the owners of Body 20 Eikestad, Durbanville, and Plattekloof. As multiple business owners and parents of two young girls, we know the challenge of finding the time to train, eat healthily and sustain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We have been amazed at all the lives we have been able to change through our training and wellness services. 

 Our passion is to help people improve their quality of life in a sustainable and practical way. 

 We have seen clients lose fat, build muscle, increase in confidence, regain mobility, reduce their pain and so much more over the last 5 years. We care about every one of our clients and track and customize your training to help you reach your personal goals. Our team of dedicated trainers really go out of their way to motivate and encourage every client to push themselves and their limits in a fun and personal way. Once you join our family you will never want to leave!"

Body20 offers a holistic solution to health and wellness. Training your body in an effective safe and sustainable way is a massive part in achieving and sustaining a healthy body and a high quality of life. 

Body20 training provides superior results in 20 minutes a week! Who can say no to that? We know that once you join you will never want to leave. The Body20 experience will change how you look at exercise forever.

Training is done in a private and controlled environment with a personal trainer to guide and motivate each client.  *Body20 offers a holistic solution to clients in addition to training.  Custom diets, progress tracking, and wellness coaching are all included in your membership.*  

We motivate each client to reach their goals and to become the best version of themselves with a limited time commitment.  

Visit ** to book your free session and find out more.