Grove Properties



Launched more than a decade ago, Grove Properties is a family owned property business based in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. 

Starting out knowing the potential of property to deliver inflation-beating returns, the Grove family purchased their first investment property over 15 years ago.

Shortly after Grove Properties was born and served as the vehicle to assist other investors and property owners, who recognised and valued their success at finding the right tenants and exceptional property investment opportunities.


Grove Properties has grown over the years and become firmly established in Durbanville and the wider Cape Town area. Grove Group of companies continues to grow their own property portfolio and over time have build up a diverse portfolio of over 90 rental units including commercial, retail, and residential properties in the Western cape and Gauteng. 


Our objective

Our aim is to share our passion for property and assist our clients to invest in and thereby grow their wealth through property.

This entails helping our clients find the right strategy to suit their specific needs and then find and facilitate the purchase/rent or create the right properties to meet their specific needs and goals.

Using a variety of marketing channels to find the right buyer or tenant to suit each unique property and unlocking the maximum value out of your property when you sell.


Our values

We operate in an honest, upfront and transparent manner always placing ethics before profit.  With an entrepreneurial mindset, we actively look for opportunities for growth, both for our business and our clients.

We’re also innovative, collaborative thinkers, finding creative solutions to problems as a team and with our clients. Furthermore, we embrace change as we constantly try new things, innovate and adopt new technologies to more efficiently deliver our services. 



We provide a full scope of property services to meet the needs of property owners, tenants, businesses, investors and developers. With our relationships with a variety of stakeholders and a holistic view of the property industry, we are well placed to deliver valuable advice and excellent service and deliver exceptional results.  


Property owners

Using a variety of marketing channels, as well as our own database, we find buyers and tenants for our clients. Residential buyers are qualified upfront with pre-approved bonds, as we know our clients’ time is precious. Prospective tenants are screened, and we run comprehensive checks to ensure they have the means to pay the rent.

Tenant lease placements

If you are considering moving your business to a new property? Let us assist. We can help you find the right premises to suit your budget and match your requirements. After identifying they key requirements such as, location, accessibility, traffic and parking factors, back up power, power requirements and space required for your specific business we will source and offer you a range of property options to suit your specific needs.

Corporates and franchises

Do you need professional advice when planning your commercial property strategy? We focus on property acquisition and disposal, as well as your  growth strategy. This takes into account your long-term growth plans, space needs and other important factors.

Own or manage a growing franchise group? We can find the right premises to suit your group’s needs. As you find new network partners, we will identify the right premises in the allocated areas for new stores.

We understand that finding the ideal locations is crucial to the long term success of your network.

Developments and projects

Is your investment property producing the expected returns? If not, we can partner with you to turn your struggling property around or assist to sell off non essential or non performing assets, freeing up valuable funds.

Our projects team can help you unlock value in a non performing asset. This may entail minor changes to attracting a better quality tenant. Or it may involve renovations and upgrades to improve the property value without over capitalizing. Sometimes a few simple changes, even on a restricted budget, can make a significant difference. We can manage the entire process and manage or sell the property once the project is complete.   


Alternatively, we can package the redevelopment to make it easier to sell the property. We would do a valuation to determine the value of the property and recommend ways to improve the value to achieve a higher return.


Smart property management

Are you a property owner looking for a property manager you can trust to maximise your return and ensure your property investment performs to its potential?

We can manage your investment property efficiently and cost effectively, as well as increase the rate of rental collections.


 By using technology to track consumption and recovery of utilities, the risk of the tenant’s payment delinquency is reduced.  Furthermore, you’ll have online access to your accounting and management information, giving you real time, transparent insight to your investment.

Our approach is hands on to property management, we optimise processes and use the right asset management software to streamline the process.

Our team of professionals have years of experience and access to the latest market data and tools to help source tenants to ensure maximum occupancy levels at all times for your property to maximise returns.

Finance and valuations

Property buyers and property owners may need finance to unlock equity or to purchase a new commercial or investment property. Let us assist you. We will leverage our relationships with financiers and banks to help you acquire the finance you need.


We can assist with property valuations before you renovate, sell or purchase a property. By knowing the current market value of a commercial property, you can compare it with others and identify investment opportunities.

 To determine the value of a property, we use specialized tools  and also apply our understanding of macroeconomic conditions that are currently driving property values and rentals property in South Africa.

Joint ventures

High net worth individuals and business or property owners can partner with us on property projects or investments through a joint venture.

In this way investors have access to the cream of the crop in terms of investment deal and our years of experience to ensure the venture is a success with peace of mind.

We identify and then unlock the opportunity and do a thorough due diligence on the market and

opportunity. We facilitate and manage the entire process to minimize risk and create maximum value.